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About us

FysioCenter Kalundborg

FysioCenter Kalundborg is your local and online health center located in a large health facility in the heart of Kalundborg.

We are a dedicated team of over 20 committed and specialized health professionals, secretaries, and service staff who are passionate about making a difference together.


We are part of the local healthcare system and are committed to creating the best possible patient pathways based on evidence-based practice, and a biopsychosocial holistic approach with presence and the patient at the center. Within all 10 specialties in Physiotherapy.

The center, with its health team and approximately 700 m², offers you excellent treatment and training opportunities in central Kalundborg. FysioCenter Kalundborg has been part of the Sundhedshuset Grand since its establishment in 1985. We are also affiliated with many public organizations, sports clubs, businesses, and locally in Kalundborg and the surrounding area.

We are of course also happy to meet you through your Online Health Center, exactly where it suits you.

We are committed to helping the people who come to us, and look forward to welcoming you. We will do our best to ensure you an optimal experience in a safe environment.

Mission - FysioCenter Kalundborg

We create value for individuals - and for society - by enhancing each person's health and quality of life through safe relationships, and specialized high-quality health services.

Health Services Tailored to Your Needs

Within all specialties and courses, the following elements will be present to varying degrees - depending on the specialty and your specific needs:

  • Health promotion and quality of life

  • Examination and diagnostics

  • Treatment of pain and functional impairment

  • Rehabilitation and retraining

  • Prevention and self-management

  • Optimization of general health in body and mind

The 10 Specialties in Physiotherapy

  • Ergonomics & work life

  • Geriatric and gerontological physiotherapy

  • Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

  • Neurological physiotherapy

  • Oncological and palliative physiotherapy

  • Psychiatric and psychomotor physiotherapy

  • Pediatric physiotherapy

  • Sports physiotherapy

  • Urological, gynecological, and obstetric physiotherapy

Phone Hours

Every weekday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Outside these hours, we can be contacted via e-mail and answering machine.

Responses will be provided continuously.

Opening hours

Monday to thursday - from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fredag - from  8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Practical information


Danish health card

Always bring your yellow health card/app, it must be presented to secure you.

The card or app functions as an electronic signature, which acknowledges that you have been for treatment/training. You need to scan the card via the card reader at reception when you arrive, andthen click on the type of the consultation/training you have booked.



Cancellations must be notified as soon as possible, preferably no later than the day before your consultation/training session. Please inform your full name either on tel. 59515757 or by email to

NB. Be aware of fee in case of no-show or late cancellation

In case of no-show or cancellation after 9.00 o´clock on the day of the consultation, a fee corresponding to the full fee for the planned treatment is charged, according to the national agreement with Danish Physiotherapists.


Cover for the treatment table

To ensure both hygiene og comfort during treatments - Please bring a sheet or duvet cover for the treatment table and a towel or blanket for your cover.

A single-use, disposable layer can be purchased from us for DKK 10.



As a starting point, payments are made after each consultation via MobilePay or per mail. You can also pay by credit card or cash. You are at all times responsible for the payment, as well as a valid payment commitment, if you want all or parts of your treatments to be paid for, via an insurance company and/or other payers.



FysioCenter Kalundborg is a multidisciplinary health center centrally located, and within walking distance to Kalundborg Station. There are good parking conditions and disabled parking close to the entrance.

The center contains our reception, 3 training rooms, men's and women's changing rooms with shower and toilet, as well as 12 treatment and consultation rooms.

The center is approved with good access, and there is a lift and a disabled toilet at the entrance to Grand Health Center.


Collaboration with insurance companies

We collaborate with many insurance companies to provide you with the best possible service and health offerings.

Some insurance companies and health plans require a doctor's referral, while others allow direct access to physiotherapy.

Many plans also offer acupuncture, massage, or other health services we provide - so check your policy and terms if you have private health insurance.

We can settle and communicate directly with most insurance companies - always with your consent. We are constantly expanding our network of partners - so contact us to find out what options are available for you.

"danmark" Health Insurance

You will receive your subsidy directly into your NEM account once you have paid the bill if your membership is registered with us.

It will be indicated on your bill if the information is transferred to "danmark". See more about the subsidy rules here.

Payment Commitment

Please be aware that you are responsible for the payment at our facility, and therefore, you must secure a written payment commitment from your insurance company, for example, before treatment begins. See more about our guidelines below.

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